SPMCC Monthly Concert Series: Ben and Kat, Boorbaar

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Date(s) - 11/04/2016
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

South Pasadena Music Center and Conservatory

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We are excited to announce a new monthly concert series at SPMCC! South Pasadena Music Conservatory Monthly Concert Series aims to bring creative, and innovative music to the community of South Pasadena on a monthly basis. Stylistically the music will cross the spectrum from Jazz, Classical, Rock, World Music and beyond. The groups you will hear are made up of some of the finest professional musicians in Los Angeles along with the occasional touring artist.  We are an all ages venue and encourage our younger members of society to take advantage of this unfortunately rare opportunity in Los Angeles. Students of the conservatory will get a discounted price on admission.

For our first month we will have one of our own faculty members, Kathryn Schuman’s amazing voice and bass duo Ben and Kat followed by the insane percussive genius of Boorbaar. 

Ben and Kat:

Ben and Kat are an electro-acoustic duo of effected electric bass and live-processed voice. Meeting at CalArts, they quickly realized they shared an affinity for a similar ethereal musical realm. From reimagining art songs to weaving moving original compositions and improvisations through experimental sonic worlds, Ben and Kat create an open, unique and poetic musical journey.


“This is a duo in which the communication and interaction is so deep that it becomes difficult to distinguish between voice and bass. They weave a musical thread that never lets go, from beginning to end. Easily one of my all time favorite duos. Magical!” – Larry Koonse



BoorBaar would be a Contemporary Percussion Ensemble, if such a thing is possible…
It was formed in 2005 by some “Jedi Rhythm Freaks” (AKA Cory Beers, John Wash IV, and Mike Robbins) who compose and perform weird, complex yet highly groovy rhythms for drums and other objects meant for striking, as well as for some items not originally meant for striking but struck anyway.
Currently, BoorBaar uses tom-toms, some other drums which resemble tom-toms, some tiny tom-toms cranked up to their structural limits (spocks), some Chinese cymbals and bells (very thick, loud ones) as well as the various parts of a device constructed by them referred to as “The Strank”. It is made of one very large propane tank, upon which is mounted the former interior of a machine clothes-drier, upon which are further mounted six magnesium plates of distinct pitches (at least that’s what we think they are…), and atop all that are mounted several pieces of sheet metal, a.k.a the crasher. This device is usually played by several or all of them at once.
BoorBaar is tasked with the creation and performance of new original works unusually saturated with weird rhythmic relationships, fast interlocking rhythmic grids, High Stimulus, and the putting of things on top of other things (figuratively and literally speaking). That is, superimposing rhythms upon one another in manners that might seem uncanny/insane.


Friday, November 4th 8pm
South Pasadena Music Center and Conservatory
$10 ($5 for students of the conservatory)
1509 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA 91030